"What's Your Damage" is a podcast that has five comedy friends playing 5th edition D&D, making jokes, and trying not to let anyone die. Heavily inspired by pop culture, bad singing, and the McElroy family of products.

The world they play in is the world of Gilea where it has been thirty years since the Great Bladesinger war, when the elite cadre of Elven fighters (the most vicious of which was a female named Evangeline) known as Bladesingers tried to destroy both the Society of Man and the Dwarven Kingdom. Thankfully due to the Five Color Knights: Red, Blue, Green, Prismatic, and Purple alongside the Prismatic Queen (a separate person from the Prismatic Knight) the Bladesingers were repelled. 

After the Bladesinger defeat the Five Color Knights divided Gilea into Five Nations colloquially known by the Color Knight who is in charge of it. All of the Five Nations are under the steady hand of the Prismatic Queen peace and peace and prosperity has ruled for the past thirty years. However, the Queen is aged and has decided to step down. The Five Color Knights are trying to decide which one of them will become the next Prismatic Queen or King, there's been sightings of Evangeline and the sounds of sharpening blades have filled the air. And, on top of it all there is talk of a Moonfire Phoenix set to rise. 

What are four adventurers going to do with a half second lead on the Apocalypse? They're going to do the best they can. 




Sadie Blake as Okaat

Sadie headshot.jpg

Not much is known about Okaat except she was raised by Evangeline. A Tiefling woman in a world where some of the nations still keep this as slaves. Okaat is perhaps most recognizable by her weapons of choice, a pair of daggers made to look like two middle fingers affectionately known as "The Birds". 


Ryan Casey as Burke the Dwarf

Ryan Headshot.jpg

Burke the Dwarf, as the name implies, is a dwarf.  Rare in that he doesn't have a clan name and even rarer in that he is claustrophobic. Burke the Dwarf is a set of contradictions but he's one hell of a chef and one hell of a Mountain Boy. 


Parker Postyeni as Gustice Goldhammer

Parker headshot.jpg

Gustice Goldhammer follower of Thor and Justice. Good old Gustice Justice as he calls it. Before joining the party Gus was the sheriff of Bartol and one time when a few of his friends told him he should be the new Prismatic King he thought he'd be an excellent candidate. He's also a hell of a Mountain Boy (the Backyard Dwarven Wrestling tag-team). 


Chris Palmer as Jorrix

Chris headshot.jpg

Jorrix is a young Cleric from the Blue Nation and a devout follower of Selune the Moon Goddess. The only problem is he's never heard from her. Never had her answer his prayers. All he knows is he was told he would play a large part in the bringing of The Moonfire Phoenix. Hopefully Selune will answer his prayers then. 


Elliott Rose as the World and Its Problems

Elliott Headshot.jpg

Elliott Rose is the DM and plays various NPCs and the problems the characters have to overcome. Sometimes he gets secretly mad that they win so often.  He is also the creator of the podcast audio drama “Works of Love” a show about love and the loss of it. Learn more about it here.