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On Curious Earth

Episode 57: A Bear of Bad News

The group faces down the Orthodoxy once and for all... with a little help from their friends.


Episode 56: The Evil Bread

The group faces down a screaming horde of mind-controlled townsfolk as they desperately try to outwit the Orthodoxy in good old Flat-Roof Bartoll.


Episode 55: Whistler Smother

Burke and Gus confront the mayor of Bartoll regarding rooftop gardens and transparency in government. Okaat and Jorrix learn a terrible truth about Castille. An old friend appears, as well as an old enemy.


Episode 54: In Queso Emergency

The group investigates possible locations where Alanoir's soul may be hiding, and makes a new friend in the process. In trying to find a solution for the food shortage, Burke develops an interest in politics.


Episode 53: For Whom the Bartolls

The group travels to Bartol, where tiefling orphans and refugees from the Withered Lands are taking shelter. Between Castille's mysterious directives and unbidden prompting from an old frenemy, they find their to-do list growing ever longer.


Episode 52: A Murder Most Fowl

The gang spends some much-needed downtime in Mulhound, establishing a sheriffery and a language school. Then, while shopping at Fantasye Samme's Clubbe, they receive a mysterious summons.



Episode 51: How's Your.. How's...? How's Your Damage?

Better late than never! In this 2-hour Q&A special, the group answers questions sent in by our wonderful listeners, and reminisces about the campaign thus far. Special thanks to everyone who sent us their questions, and to Kelsey Tarpey and Stephanie Elizabeth for their support.


Special Episode: What’s This Damage?

Due to scheduling difficulties, the cast of WYD is on hiatus this week. Instead, please enjoy a sneak preview of an upcoming new project by Elliott Rose and Sadie Blake. We will return in two weeks with your regularly scheduled programming.


Episode 50 Quandanry 2: Suenan Boogaloo

Jorrix completes his project with Finch, while Okaat spends a little time with Xiao and Namla. Everyone gets a few moments of rest and relaxation - but trouble is brewing on the horizon.


Episode 49: Quandanry

The group takes a break from adventuring to help Xiao and the rest of Mulhound prepare for the Suenan holiday known as Quandan. Yet everywhere they turn, there are hints at what's to come.


Ghosts of Gilea

Episode 48: Bring Her Home

In the final episode of the Ghosts of Gilea arc, the group finally reaches the Avenue of the Gods. But with Bartol under the thrall of the Archdiocese, and the question of the Moonfire and Sunfire Phoenix still unanswered, bringing Namla home is only the beginning.


Episode 47: Magic is Friendship

The group handily manages their way through several challenges as they wind their way up the tower in search of Namla.


Episode 46: Jean Therapy

Okaat and Jorrix catch back up with Gus and Burke, and the whole crew goes shopping for jeans. Oh and also sets out to rescue Castille, Namla, and possibly the whole world, but whatever.


Episode 45: Dravine Intervention

The Mountain Boys show up for their wrestling gig, and run into an old friend in a strange and bloodthirsty set of circumstances. Then... they do what Mountain Boys do best.


Episode 44: Bounty Hunters and Blue Jeans

While Okaat and Jorrix are elsewhere, the Mantae talk Gus and Burke into putting on a backyard wrestling demonstration. They also meet a mysterious bounty hunter named Lyfter, and recruit him in the ongoing search for Namla.

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Episode 43: Man to Mantae

After narrowly avoiding being shot down over the Withered Lands, the group arrives at the Mantae village. Overcoming the language barrier with aplomb, they strike an accord to continue on their quest for the Black Cube.


Episode 42: Gift of the Mantae

Reunited with Jorrix, the group heads into the Withered Lands to find a mysterious race of mantid-like people who can help them locate the Black Cube. 


Episode 41: Flashback - Okaat

In this flashback episode we learn a little more about Okaat: how she met Castille and Farstand, who she was before her adventures with our merry band of heroes, and why she fled from Evangeline.


Episode 40: The Frenemy of my Frenemy

Okaat, Gus, and Burke go to speak with Evangeline while Jorrix visits the Queen's personal library to study up on the challenges ahead. Surprisingly, Evangeline makes an offer of help... leaving the group to wonder what the hidden cost might be, and whose side she's really on.


Episode 39: Do It For the Vine

The group faces down another toad-man, which morphs into a much greater threat than they could have imagined. Okaat calls for backup. Gus has a life-changing revelation. And somehow Evangeline manages to get her way yet again.


Episode 38: Do As You’re Toad

In the aftermath of the nightmare encounter with chest-bursting toads, Jorrix discovers an old journal containing information that will lead the group through the Withered Lands. Okaat has a vision of the creatures' origin... and then things get weird.


Episode 37: Toe to Toad

The group experiences an unsettling overnight stay in the keep of the Prismatic Queen. Rumors are spreading, unease is growing... and there are toads.


Episode 36: Dine and Damn

Protesters outside the castle gate. Evangeline lurking just around the corner. The mysterious Jade Helm. Impending chaos. Perfect time for a dinner party.


Episode 35: Uncivil Duty

Okaat, Jorrix, Gus and Burke all meet up again in the Prismatic Nation, where they have all been requested by the Queen herself. There, she tasks them with uncovering what - or who - is behind the Jade Helm, an organization sowing discontent among the nations.


Episode 34: Extremely Civil Disobedience

After Gaya creates a stir in the Dwarven capital of Ulaan Bator, Okaat and Jorrix are made to leave while Hestille insists that Gus and Burke stay in the Dwarven Kingdom to guard Bazzerak, the king. Turns out Gus is better at issuing commands than following them...

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Episode 33: Broke Back Mountain Boys

The gang reunites in the Red Nation just in time for the showdown between the Mountain Boys and the mysterious Mountain Breakers. It's the wrestling match of the century!


Episode 32: Flattered Than a Pancake

Jorrix and Okaat try to chase down more information on Namla's whereabouts, while Gus and Burke prepare for their upcoming match against the Mountain Breakers.


Episode 31: Uh Oh

Okaat and Gaya continue to follow Evangeline's trail. Jorrix and Castile explore the Library of Sueno, and Jorrix gets some much-needed answers. Gustice assists in a scrimmage between the Color Knights... and learns some things that must stay between the walls of the Red Keep.


Episode 30: Downtime and Out Time

While Burke is cooking up a storm in Stendahl, the rest of the gang go meet with Castile. From there, Gus is sent to the Red Nation to see to the troubles there; Jorrix learns valuable lessons about the ministry of Pellor, and Okaat teams up with Gaya to investigate the ransacking of Alanoir's tomb.


The Trouble With Treble

Episode 29: The Trouble With Treble - Part 2

Okaat, Gus, and Jorrix continue their journey through Treble Bass to seek an audience with The One Who Sings and ask her for thread made of sound. There, Okaat reveals a big secret.


Episode 28: The Trouble With Treble - Part 1

In this two-part addendum to The Future Was Then, Burke stays behind in Stendahl while Okaat, Jorrix, and Gus travel to the mysterious Treble Bass to try to find thread made of sound.

The Future Was Then


Episode 27: Denouemountain Boys

As Arc 3: The Future Was Then draws to a close, the group reunites Finch and Terren, and head back to the safety of Mulhound to regroup. There, Okaat and Jorrix speak with Kielan, the time-bending prisoner... and learn some potentially troubling information.


Episode 26: The Man in the Golden Mask

The group faces down the Orthodoxy in their efforts to help Finch escape from the clutches of the Archdiocese. Another mysterious stranger appears. The plot thickens, as plots tend to do.


Episode 25: The Devil's in the Detainment Cell

The group teams up with Nectis, Finch's sister, to get him out of the hands of the Archdiocese of Pelor. It goes about as well as you would expect.


Episode 24: Tall About Tock Talk

After failing to keep Finch out of the Orthodoxy's hands, the team regroups in Mulhound to talk about next steps. A LOT.


Episode 23: A Finch in the Hand

After saving a mysterious unconscious woman from a surprisingly friendly group of would-be cannibal lizards, the group travels to Stendahl to further unravel the mystery of the overlapping timelines.


Episode 22: The Time Traveler's Life

The group arrives back in Mulhound just in time to crash Xiao's funeral. Kielan is placed in a holding cell for interrogation while Gus, Burke, and Jorrix chase down a mysterious flash of blue fire in the forest - making some extremely unlikely friends in the process.


Episode 21: Wolfmergency

As the team faces down the Weeping Wolf, an unexpected ally suddenly becomes an even more unexpected foe. In spite of their best efforts, the soothsayers' predictions come to pass.


Episode 20: Once More, With Feelings

The group must try to face the consequences of Jorrix's choice, even as reality seems to be crumbling around them. Farstand offers a perplexing second chance, and then... things get really weird.


Episode 19: Pin the Tail on the Apocalypse

After effortlessly solving The Riddle of Farstand (and enormously thwarting the DM's best-laid plans), our intrepid adventurers meet up with Xiao in Farstand's Temple. There, Jorrix must make a choice that will decide the fate of Gilea, with nothing but his intuition to guide him.


Episode 18: Go With the Ebenflow

The team explores the town of Ebonflow, the safe haven created to protect the soothsayers of Gilea. From there they must make their way to the Four Shadows cliffs, where it is said there lies a chest with a treasure that may allow Jorrix to alter his destiny.


Episode 17: Walking Phoenix

Shalabin sends the team on assignment to Potemkin, a town where three of the group are celebrated as heroes... and one is singled out as a villain. Confusion and shock give way to horror as the team uncovers why.

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Episode 16: The Great Egg Cave

Jorrix visits Mulhound and learns that Xiao has disappeared, and a mysterious midnight song seems to be trying to tear down the town. Burke and Gus go to Bartol in search of a mystery to solve. Okaat... gets better armor. Everyone goes shopping at Fantasye Samm's Clubbe!


Arc 2: Low Lives in High Society

Episode 15: Whole Sale Destruction

A slave auction. A black dragon. A missing sister, and a mysterious ritual. Jorrix, Okaat, Burke, and Gus must defeat the Vontaires or face utter ruin in the final episode of Arc 2: Low Lives in High Society.


Episode 14: Don't Stab the Messenger

Tension is building in the Vontaire manor as the auction draws nearer, and there are strange and terrible things afoot. Will the gang be able to find and save Alman before it's too late?


Episode 13: Artful Dodging  

Jorrix and Gustice Goldhammer travel to the Edo tribe to learn the secrets of Bowsinging. Okaat speaks with Harver and finds out just how dangerous he is. Burke searches for Odine... and finds someone else instead.


Episode 12: Oh, Crow

The team manages to stay a half-step ahead of the Vontaires in their search for Alman, dodging Harver's accusations of theft and foul play. With the aid of Castile, they formulate a plan to find and rescue the tieflings up for auction - though it seems larger troubles are brewing.


Episode 11: The Truth Shall Set You Up

The undercover hijinks continue at the Vontaire Manor. Jorrix learns some unsavory truths about the Archdiocese of Pelor; Burke continues to be a hero of the people; Okaat discovers that their contact in the Vontaire family is an old friend; and Sylvester... does the the most Sylvester thing ever. Content warning: Spiders. So many spiders.


Episode 10: The Importance of Being Dishonest

We learn more about the Vontaires and their high society social circles as the team tries to keep up their disguises as Onnie Mountainbreaker, Vix, Termenin Wiley, and Okaat. A mysterious stranger shows up to complicate everything. Natch.


Episode 9: Swamped

Starting off the second story arc, Low Lives in High Society, Shalabin sends the team undercover to the Vontaire Manor where it is rumored Alman is to be sold at a slave auction.


Downtime and One Shot


Episode 8: Fantasye Samm's Clubbe

The team takes a little break from adventuring to explore Sajesse and do some shopping at the infamous Fantasye Samms Clubbe. Jorrix learns a language, Burke finds a book, Sylvester loses his patience and Okaat gets a sweet upgrade. 


Episode 7: The Worst Greatest Show on Earth

The team takes a break from chasing stolen orphans to join up with Huxley, a tiefling warlock played by Natalie Holt, to investigate a mysterious big top that's appeared in the sleepy little town of Taro Ren.


Arc 1: Pursuit of the Moonfire Phoenix


Episode 6: Show Up and Showdown

In this climactic finale to the Pursuit of the Moonfire Phoenix arc, the team returns to Xiao empty-handed. An old and powerful enemy appears and wreaks havoc. The search for Alman becomes more important than ever.


Episode 5: Spring Ahead, Fall Down a Hole

Determined to find her sister, Okaat and the gang follow Xiao's advice to search for Allman in a cave located near the Springs of Dolfiend. They summarily disregard her advice not to drink the water. The Painted Clan makes another appearance and the plot thickens, as plots often do.


Episode 4: Apocalypse Soon 

Determined to find her sister, Okaat and the gang follow Xiao's advice to search for Allman in a cave located near the Springs of Dolfiend. They summarily disregard her advice not to drink the water. The Painted Clan makes another appearance and the plot thickens, as plots often do.


Episode 3: A Man, A Plan, A Cabal

Through the awesome power of retcon, Okaat explains her reaction to the voice in the Withered Lands... kind of. The team tries to implement an extremely vague plan. You know how they say never split the party? Yeah. Never split the party. 


Episode 2: Teamwork Makes the Scheme Work

The team emerges victorious from their sportsing to an unexpected conclusion and a mysterious new mission. Okaat is difficult, Burke goes with the flow (perhaps a little too easily), and Jorrix and Sylvester try to keep it all from going off the rails.


Episode 1: Fight Fire With Fingers

Join Okaat, Jorrix, Sylvester, and Burke as they begin their pursuit of the Moonfire Phoenix, following tales of the Moonless Night throughout the Prismatic Kingdoms. 


Episode 0: The World You're About to Know

On this very special episode of What's Your Damage? The DM takes you through the world of Gilea, gives a brief history of the larger world and its problems, and tells you of four sometimes noble adventurers you're very soon to meet.